Monday, 12 February 2007

Donate: Old and Unused Equipment

Have you got any old laptops, digital camerasor GPS devices that you haven't used in a while? Would you like to see them put to good use? We can help you find good homes for this sort of equipment. As Cockroach Productions expands its reach into environmental and social documentary we will help support the local communities we work with. One way of doing this is to provide local people with the tools that will allow them to communicate the issues they are facing on the ground. Digital cameras and camcorders provide a wonderful and immediate means of documenting what is happening in at local levels and reporting it to the wider world. If you provide the kit we will make sure it finds a good new home and that the people using it will be trained in operating it. Please drop us a line if you think you have something that might be useful.

Contact / 07850 921 208

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